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Dennis Connolly


1145 baker hill road

​cobden, il 62920

"I'm thankful Dennis installed the solar system at my old farm house in Southern Illinois.  He listened to me, as a result I got a system I like very much.  He addressed all my safety concerns with skilled ability to construct safety needs.  When the solar panel rack was shipped bent on arrival, Dennis fixed it.  he has many handyman skills along with knowledge of PV solar system installations."

Dean Shaternick
Satisfied Customer

"I had Dennis Connolly install a solar hot water system in the fall of 2008.  I was thrilled to see it finished and  have it operating.  I feel like there is an automatic sentry that collects solar energy when ever the sun is shining.  Even if I am not home, it is on the alert. This spring I tweaked the system a little and my 80 gallon storage tank got up to 170 degrees on April 3 of this year.  The next morning I turned on the Myson Solar Heater.  The built in fan gently warmed my living room.  It was perfect. 

​This Solar Hot Water System has not only heated my hot water but allowed me to use my furnace less. I am so pleased with this automatic system.  Any time  the sun shines my system is ready and saves that warmth to lessen my energy foot print.  Plus, as I look at the state of human culture I am pleased in my investment in far sighted energy. Dennis has been faithful to check the system a couple of times it was operating to make sure everything was working well."

Freddie Waddell